Innovation scoping

Leading your business to the next level and giving it a competitive edge by improving the efficiency and profitability starts by knowing where you stand. We can help you identify the most effective way to implement innovation within your organisation and create innovation policies which will grow your business.

Our methodology

We use a five step process to measure the effectiveness of your current policies, uncover untapped talent and identify new opportunities.

Step one: Measuring the effectiveness of current innovation

You might already have innovation processes in place within your organisation but can you be sure they are delivering? We will examine your organisation from the inside out to assess the effectiveness of innovation at all levels. We will use this information to advise you on which areas to focus resources on and suggest new policies to implement.

Step two: Scoping the innovation landscape

We will use our experience and expertise in innovation processes to assess the innovation landscape where your business is placed. We will look at entrepreneurs in your field, leading thinking within academia and analysis put together by independent research organisations. We will identify where your organisation currently sits within this landscape and where you deserve to be.

Step three: Benchmarking against competitors

Nowhere is it more important to be fully aware of your competitors than when aiming to innovate. We will compare your innovation results with that of other businesses operating in your space and help you to understand areas in which you can improve. We will identify who the innovation leaders are in your space and how you can out manoeuvre them.

Step four: Identifying collaboration opportunities

Collaboration is an important part of successful innovation but it can be a daunting task to find partners who share your goals and values. Through our experience and extensive network, we can help you to identify potential partners to share your innovation journey.

Step five: Innovation engagement

We will plan and deliver an innovation engagement strategy which is tailored specifically to the needs and strengths of your organisation. This might include something as ambitious as setting up an incubator to bring new talent and enterprise into your organisation or it may be something as simple as refreshing the way you deliver internal comms. We implement the best techniques to achieve your innovation goals based on the thorough investigation we have carried out.

See innovation scoping in action

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