10 Wearable tech predictions for 2016

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8ème rencontre annuelle des musulmans du nord The Apple Watch will be success In 2015 it became hard to leave the house without being buried under a wave of claims and counterclaims about the success – or otherwise – of the Apple Watch, while Apple kept wisely / suspiciously (delete according to your...

Why should children have all the fun? Joy For All Pets are robot cats for the elderly

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rencontre eden flash Robotic pets are nothing particularly new. But until now they’ve generally been rather crude, unimpressive things, designed for children and the otherwise easily impressed. Joy For All Companion Pets, from toy maker Hasbro, could change all that.  The Joy For All cats...

Wearables for Good proves that wearable tech is not just Apple Watches and Fitbits

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pay fincar velkajärjestelyn raukeaminen KAIKKI UUDET JA VANHAT TERVETULOA TOIMINTAAN!

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Pet + selfies + internet = tech pet heaven

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http://www.techhelpnumbers.com/font/3067 Do you love pets? Sure! Do you adore selfies? Hell yes. Then you, my friend, will surely appreciate the PetBot, aka “The World’s First Smart Device That Lets Your Pet Send You A Selfie Automatically”. The PetBot – which, we’ll be honest, looks quite a lot like a...