The Client

Walk with Path (WWP) are a UK health-tech startup, who have developed assistive solutions to prevent falls for the elderly and people with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, or those who have suffered from a stroke.

Their existing product range aims to not only prevent falls and therefore injury, but hopes to improve an individual’s confidence when walking, ultimately helping individuals maintain their independence and quality of life for longer.

The Challenge

WWP are very experienced in developing haptic hardware products and have a deep understanding of the health care market but wanted to explore a new, potentially lucrative market – sports and exercise. Having conducted some early research, WWP knew their knowledge and expertise in gait would provide rich, transferable learnings to help prevent injuries in runners.
However, they required targeted research and exploration to deeply understand the user, this new market and the challenges that were worth solving. To do this effectively, WWP wanted to learn about and later implement Design Thinking processes, to encourage creativity and successful product development. WWP would then be able to develop unique, applicable solutions to directly correlate with real user needs.

The Solution

We helped WWP deploy a user-centred approach, to develop and explore a new business market and generate a matrix of innovative new products, to meet real identified market needs for further exploration. Following the Design Thinking Double Diamond methodology, we devised and worked closely with WWP, to deliver a 5month collaborative early-stage Design Thinking project including:

  • Running with runners! To really understand our users’ behaviours and motivations, the project team laced up our runners to hold in-situ (i.e. while running!) consumer immersions with runners of all ages and experiences levels – along Embankment, Lincoln Inn Fields, Regents Park and Hackney Marshes’ Park Run.
  • Exploring parallel sectors of behaviour change and protective wear
  • Gathering thoughts and insights from key experts in the field of sports, movement and technology – including future technologists, physiotherapists, gait and biomechanical experts
  • Clustering, digesting and synthesising all our user, academic and market research into 2 exciting innovation challenges, from which we developed ideas
  • Generating over 350 potential product ideas and fragments, through creative brainstorm sessions with runners and the project team.  Developing concepts further and building mock ups through rounds of sequential recycling, continuous discussion and refinement with users.


WWP are going forward with three new user-centred product concepts for the recreational consumer running market, two of which have an immediate roadmap to development. WWP also adopted Design Thinking processes within the business, with a repeatable process for the future. The project enabled WWP to engage with a holistic user-centric approach, when exploring new markets for the businesses. Thanks to our guidance and collaboration, WWP were also able to achieve funding from Innovate UK.

“Tenshi helped us shape a Design Thinking project and process which was ambitious but achievable for our small business, and worked side-by-side with us to develop a spread of new product concepts rooted in real user need.” – Lise Pape, Founder & CEO, Walk With Path

Insight Fragments

Users Engaged

Design Concepts

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