Brightidea Innovation Process Management

Brightidea is an online platform that acts as a central hub to connect and manage all innovation activities. It allows teams to crowdsource and collaborate on ideas, evaluate their viability, track development progress, and measure results at every stage of the journey. Brightidea transforms the way you innovate, no matter what kind of initiative you’re running.

Tenshi, an authorised reseller, have partnered up with Brightidea to offer support for the UK customers alongside a suite of services that help you get the most out of the software, be it during the initial launch or when the existing strategy needs to evolve.

The platform is configurable to a wide range of activities from ideas management and community engagement solving a specific problem to building prototypes and monitoring the improvement of a business area. With over 1 million users and customers such as AXA, BT, CISCO, and Neilson, Brightidea is the leading corporate innovation process management platform.


For corporate innovation teams

Having extensive knowledge of the software as well as innovation management, we can help you develop a strategy and set up tailored structure for launching and running your innovation programme, based on Brightidea platform.

If you already have the platform set up but it is not delivering the results you expected, we help you investigate the underlying reasons and improve the performance.

For governmental sector

UK hosted and supported Brightidea is tailored by Tenshi for UK procurement supporting digital transformation, SME engagement, pre-commercial procurement and SBRI. It helps you collaborate with staff, citizens, business and academia through different stages from idea, through challenge, community engagement, pre-commercial trial, and procurement.

Brightidea software and services are available on G-Cloud and can be procured as part of wider innovation management service or separately.

See stimulating innovation culture in action

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