Design thinking

Are you thinking of exploring a new market or looking to expand your product offering, but don’t know where to start? Design thinking is a powerful tool to develop human-centred design concepts to exploit new market opportunities.

It provides you feasible business cases and basic prototypes that are backed by qualitative research and user journeys that clearly demonstrate the market potential and help you find support and funding for the project within your company or from outside.

Our methodology

We follow the double diamond process to make sure a human-centred approach is taken and a maximum range of solutions is considered. This methodology will help you establish new ways of working and design-led innovation culture within your company to sustainably grow the in-house design capabilities, and increase the rate of innovation.

Our projects are built so that you can engage in active learning with support from Tenshi team who will guide and coach you along the way. We are taking the journey with you to make sure you’ve got all the skills and materials for the future.


Every great journey starts with homework and this is where we help you review any existing research on users, trends and landscape. You will learn how to engage with users and explore user journeys without getting lost in the vast amount of opinions and data.


Once you know what your user thinks, the next step is to collate findings and build insights into concept territories. We will help you set about defining the requirements for your brand new products.


You’ve done your homework, well done! Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty – in the developing phase, you will get into iterative prototyping, where we will assist with qualitative exploration with users.


Is this your new, feasible, viable, and desireable product? It looks great! Let’s go ahead and make sure it is not left on the shelf to gather dust. We can help you create brand strategy that represents your company’s core values and engages with customers.

See design thinking in action

Hold on while we prepare a case study about Design Foundations programme for Baxi.

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