Tenshi means Angel in Japanese.

We believe in teaching you ‘how to fish’.

Our values are how we approach everything we do.

Brave, Inspiring and Resourceful

Our joy comes from helping organisations become curiousintrepid and succeed.

Partnering with us creates meaningful, useful and original solutions.

We stimulate innovativeness within our clients’ teams and staff and create strategic, commercial, long term value.

The Metaverse: A tech leaders’ kingdom

Will our self-perceptions in the real world, be affected by our social practices and interactions in the Metaverse? Is there a darker side to these virtual worlds?

The effects of uncertainty and anxiety on organisations

With the advancement of technology, rapid growth of complex systems, and globalization, uncertainty is growing. As we see threats and uncertainty grow, we also see an increase in anxiety from anticipation of uncertainty.

Before you write that grant application…

Grant funding opportunities give SMEs a platform to develop their innovative idea, which they likely would have struggled to do without funding support. In a nutshell, these government grants are a real game changer for growth. Do you want to win a grant competition this year? We’ve written a fair share of applications in our time. Here’s our top tips before you put pen to paper…

Cultivating a culture of innovation

Having a strong culture of innovation within your organisation can spark new projects, improve efficiency and give you an advantage over competitors. Innovation has become a way of survival – it’s now vital to keep up with digital trends to ensure business thrives as our working environment evolves.  So how exactly can you cultivate a culture of innovation for your business?

Tenshi recruited as a Design Mentor for Innovate UK’s KTN

In March 2020, the KTN recruited design mentors to work on a funding programme for The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Victoria Milne, CEO of Tenshi and technical expert of ISO, among those recruited and worked on a number of projects to help bring SME projects to life.

TfL & Tenshi: Bus Driver Fatigue and Health & Wellbeing Innovation Challenge

Tenshi have recently begun working with Tfl on a trial to help reduce fatigue among bus drivers and ultimately prevent fatigue-related incidents on the road. We have partnered with Senseye to install an innovative screening process, which measures bus driver fatigue before they start their shift; giving enough time to intervene, if required, with wellbeing support.

3 simple steps to creativity

A study from Adobe found that 80% of people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth. Yet only 25% believe they are living up to their creative potential. We take a look at steps you can take to unlock your creativity…

5 benefits of applying a human-centred approach

Businesses keen to better service their customers often fear the changes and associated risks that come with it. However, those who have implemented human-centred design methodologies have seen a reduction in the risk of failure and an increase in their market success.

Boost your business with great design

The value of great design is seen in the goods, services, and environments we experience in our everyday lives – from the phones we use to the park we walk through. It’s the difference between a successful and failed product or service.

Want to compete successfully and accelerate growth?

Innovate UK has published their ‘Design in Innovation Strategy, 2020-2024’, which aims to help deliver excellent design in innovation across all industries and accelerate economic growth.