The Effects of Design Thinking Training

This Ideact report summarises the lessons learn from the ‘Design Thinking Training for SME’s’ grant winning project in 2019. The findings build up the evidence base around what does and doesn’t work when encouraging SMEs to adopt innovative technologies and management practices for improved productivity.

Download this report to find out more about the key findings and effects from this pilot.

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation

In this paper, we will share key insights and methods that really deliver, when running open innovation programmes. What will become clear is that the Challenge Model of innovation is our model of choice, over any other. Our breadth of experience in this arena and our key findings will hopefully demonstrate its value to you. Simply put, running an open innovation challenge is highly effective in supporting and fostering a culture of innovation.

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Achieving excellent, consistent innovativeness

Innovativeness doesn’t come fully formed, from outside your organisation, nor is it something you can simply buy and roll out company-wide.

In this paper, we discuss the behavioural journey to innovation, encompassing the specific journey of all stakeholders.

You will find out how our work in placing clients at the heart of their sector’s eco-system, provides a focused and responsive network of support, delivering powerful, resilient partnerships.

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UK Productivity and Design Thinking

The UK has a longstanding productivity gap with our international competitors.

Since the 2007/08 financial crisis, productivity growth has been lower than expected in the UK and has consistently fallen below predicted trends; this has been termed the ‘productivity puzzle’.

Our expert whitepaper provides valuable insight into the UK’s relationship with productivity in the workplace. Recent UK analysis suggests that the difference between the highest and lowest performers may be larger in the UK compared to other countries, and this difference may be increasing.

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