Innovation Management Systems and Processes: ISO 56000

Getting your innovation management right means:

  • enabling revenue growth and new projects,

  • improving efficiency,

  • increased resiliency and; 

  • advantage over competitors. 

Technological advancements have surged as businesses adapt to the changing digital landscape and customer needs. To ensure new products are safe for use and perform optimally – a set of structured guidelines (Standards) are required by organisations to guide innovation and management. 

What is an Innovation Management System? 

If successful, it expedites the way organisations manage their innovation strategies so that the right processes are in place and a service or product launch won’t fall at the first hurdle, plus comply with ISO 56001.

Building your Innovation Management System

Let’s see how your organisation currently stacks up against some of the key elements of 56001:

  1. Progression of Innovation: does your organisation have established, adoptable processes that allow for innovation initiatives?  
  2. Designing the Innovation Management System: where are you on the road to designing your IMS?  
  3. Allowing for innovation: do you have the required support and resources to enable innovation?  
  4. Improving and evaluating: do you have dynamic of continuous improvement, to ensure the IMS evolves and grows? 

We are here to help you can work with you to develop the structure of your innovation management system, to help you thrive against the competition.

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The first global auditable innovation management standard is coming

are you ready? 

In 2024, the first global auditable innovation management standard (ISO 56001) will launch. If you’re an organisation who wants a strategic advantage, you’ll need to start preparing quickly to be ready… 

We are experts in innovation management and can work with you to develop the structure of your innovation management system to ensure you’re not left behind. 

Prepare by partnering with our team of experts  

Our CEO, Victoria Milne has been a Technical Expert and contributing author for Innovation Management ISO 56000 for three years. 

“I love Innovation and how it can improve life for the better and I thoroughly enjoy learning and supporting new technologies, facilitating and managing global open innovation initiatives and am passionate about skills development and behaviour change.” – Victoria Milne, CEO @ Tenshi 

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