Strategic, User Centred Understanding & Insight

Thinking of exploring a new market or looking to expand your product offering, but don’t know where to start?


Taking a human-centred, design-led approach can transform businesses and processes, reveal new opportunities and business models and revolutionise ways of working. Our Strategic, User Centred Understanding & Insight supports and enhances your innovation initiatives infusing and encouraging user centred innovation, while illuminating new market opportunities to grow your business.

Tools we like to use


Archetypes are a natural and intuitive way to compile and comprehend consumer behaviours and attitudes. We use an archetype wheel to explore consumers’ motivations and anticipate how our services can deliver value for them, putting us in a better position to attract and retain users. 

A good example of an archetype is Nike, which is named after the Greek god of victory. The archetype for Nike products is the “hero,” and this can be seen in ads that rely on heroic sport icons like Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong, and a strong “Just do it” call to action.

User Journeys

We use qualatitative research processes to track user journeys. We create a Rollercoaster Map of a users’ emotional state as they experience an interaction with a product, service, task or process.

Capturing the needs and motivations of the user at any point in their experience and tracking on a map allows us to identify pain points. It gives insight to where adjustments can be made to the product, to improve it. 


Immersions involves going out into the world and spending time with customers in their natural habitat. Doing this allows us to experience all of a customers’ senses, not just what they see.

Using this technique can identify needs that are not currently met by existing products and services and pain points that we can address. This can lead to new opportunities for products, service, and solutions.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnography is the in-depth study of naturally occuring behaviour within a culture or social group. It seeks to understand the relationship between human culture and behaviour.

We use ethnographic research to immerse ourselves in the lives of the customers we study, using observations and interviewing to gain clarity over their wants and needs.

Design Thinking in action

Find out how we helped Baxi plot a more user-centric approach to develop and explore innovative ways of ‘Delivering Warmth’ to UK homes.