We are an innovation consultancy.

We work with clients to better articulate

their innovation challenges and

turn them into success.


Master Design Thinking with Ideact


Ideact is our Design Thinking course that has been developed by industry leaders and is sponsored by the UK Government. Ideact teaches a well-established, human-centred process which will help you to establish new ways of working, by giving you design-led innovation management skills and competencies.

The Power of Open Innovation

Open Innovation challenges save money and reduce time to market, by tapping into research and development done by others, giving you access to innovation that is ready for commercialisation.

Award-winning Open Innovation

Open Innovation Programmes are the modern alternative to traditional procurement – you don’t just find a serviceable solution, but the best one possible, by testing first. Discover our work with the award-winning Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator.

Why Design Thinking?

Tenshi’s approach to Design Thinking enhances your innovation initiatives, infusing and encouraging user centred innovation, while illuminating new processes and market opportunities to grow your business.

De-risk innovation, achieve higher volume and value results.


Deliver powerful innovations and accelerate your productivity and growth.

We solve innovation challenges, making a long-term impact on your business.

We deliver measurable performance outcomes.

Implementing a Design Thinking toolkit for an award winning heating manufacturer saw 70 staff of attend Idea Training. This training saw 450 concept boards created and 75% of attendees coming away feeling able to express creativity and ideas in the workplace – up 25% from before.


Our 5 year, challenge-led open programme for Innovate UK engaged over 250 corporate partners. 100 trials were awarded to start ups, with 70% of those successfully commercialising solutions.

Curating an innovation launch pad event for a multinational credit card supplier resulted in the creation of 8 concepts, that the client expanded within their innovation team. 100% of 150 attendees were keen to take part in similar events in the future and 97% of participants learnt something new in attending. 

Developing a user-centred approach for an industrial engineering company helped the client get a deeper understanding of their customer. The project generated 200 insight ideas and yielded 4 innovative urban wayfinding product concept routes.





Tenshi Grants



Take advantage of the plethora of public funding available, through our expert grant writing.


We advise on funding options and offer expert, hands on bespoke support.

Download Our Productivity Guide


Learn about how Design Thinking can be implemented to address the UK’s productivity gap.

We’ve written a 9-page guide packed with our top tips and latest thinking.



Some of our clients

In the world of CX, the only constant is change. Customer demands are always changing, as is the market and technology. Successful companies must continually innovate to keep up. This article looks at new examples of CX innovation in action: https://www.forbes.com/sites/blakemorgan/2022/04/04/20-new-examples-of-cx-innovation/?sh=68ba61201aa9 #CX #innovate

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