Five 3D innovations happening now

3D printing has seen some real developments in recent years to become sought after technology across a wide range of industries. According to the International Data Corporation, the 3D printing market is expected to generate nearly $35 billion in revenue by 2020, compared to the $16 billion created four years ago.

The use of Design Thinking in increasing SME Productivity

However, Design Thinking has not yet become a mainstream innovation methodology. Whilst private sector training exists, these are not directed to the SME’s who need it most.

Tackling the UK’s Productivity Problem

We face a productivity puzzle; however we have a significant amount of research that supports and even directs us toward a powerful solution. Design Thinking has the potential to step change the UK’s productivity.

Using Open Innovation to help better communicate roadworks activity with citizens.

We ran a challenge-led open innovation trial, called ‘Dare to Solve’, looking for digital solutions to increase citizen awareness and knowledge of roadworks.

How do you define Innovation?

Innovation is a very bandied around term in the world of business today but when we strip it back to its origins, what does it really mean?

How to benchmark your organisations Innovation Maturity

Often it is necessary to motivate for budget for innovation programmes. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to assess the current state of innovation maturity in the organisation.

Innovation borne out of a challenge

Running challenge led accelerator trials are highly effective in fostering a culture of innovation that can in turn generate growth.

Insights lead to innovation, but what is an insight?

An insight is something in (your) sight, that wasn’t, before now. It exists already, but not something that you’ve opened your eyes to before.

The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator

Working together with Lloyd’s Register we have been setting up a Safety Accelerator, to accelerate the adoption of digital technology for safety.

How to successfully apply for grant funding

Its not only difficult for businesses to get traditional forms of investment, it can also be very time consuming and expensive. However the opportunity to receive public funds and resource support, if your solution fits the criteria for a government grant, is a powerful enabler.

Our Services 


We de-risk innovation and help you achieve higher volume and value results,

by developing the right culture, process and partners:

The Right Culture

This sparks and harnesses the innovative abilities innate in your organisation. It is about using Design Thinking to inspire and lead behaviour change. By empowering everyone with the confidence and will to think differently, we can solve challenges in new ways. We focus on experience building and up-skilling, enabling a ground swell of ideas to come forward. 

The Right Process

This ensures you can support the germination of ideas through to realised products, services and business model innovations in your organisation, in the most timely and efficient way.  We help you to select and implement cloud-based innovation process management software. This creates an accessible environment to manage ideas, challenges and concepts and maintains momentum on the roll out of your innovation. Metrics and governance can then be easily measured and achieved.

The Right Partners

Partners can extend the reach of the organisation with a much faster turnaround, and better innovation resiliency. It results in the co-creation and development of your sector’s eco-system, with you at the core. We help you to develop Open Innovation practices, particularly challenge-based procurement, accelerators and incubators. We expertly select and implement these programmes, as well as act as an intermediary for Commercial, Academic and Government partnerships. 

Download Our Productivity Guide

Learn about how Design Thinking can be implemented to address the UK’s productivity gap. 

We’ve written a 9-page guide packed with our top tips and latest thinking.

Our Case Studies

We have worked with some amazing organisations over the past number of years, providing expertise in Open Innovation, Design Thinking and Innovation Process Management. We work across many diverse sectors, ranging from health and social care, to retail, to infrastructure, to public sector.

Tenshi Grants

Tenshi helps businesses take advantage of the plethora of public funding available, through our expert grant writing. We advise on the suitability of the projects and assist in writing applications for grants in smart cities, big data, open data, internet of things and cloud technologies, to name a few.

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