Branding & Growth Hacking Strategy for In Market Delivery


Our expert knowlege of branding and growth hacking will position your innovation ahead of competitors.


Growth Hacking

Our specialist B2B marketing services help you to stand out amongst the competition.

We work alongside your business development team to assist in lead generation and help stimulate growth. We can ensure you’re speaking the ‘right’ language to communicate to your target market.

We work with you to:

  • develop a quarterly content plan 

  • create compelling video content to engage your audience

  • write blogs based on current affairs

  • create case studies and whitepapers to showcase your services

  • manage and run social media platforms, with a specialist focus on LinkedIn

  • report on marketing initiatives every month, to ensure our services are growing your reputation


Our expert brand strategy building will ensure you’re positioned as experts in your field.

How we work 

Phases of our project process:


Phase 1: Measurement and Evaluation

Phase one involves gathering and auditing the current manifestations of your brand identity and image. This involves interviewing key stakeholders and your customers.  We use several steps in this phase of the project, which inform and guide the remaining phases:

  1. Desk research
  2. Strategic research management
  3. Brand and Communication Audit
  4. Consumer immersion
  5. Key Insight Interviews

Phase 2: Brand Positioning and Architecture

We spend a full day or two half days working to develop your brand positioning and architecture direction. The sessions are collaborative and creative in nature and facilitated by a senior strategist. At the end of these sessions, we achieve:

  • Brand Positioning recommendations
  • Brand Architecture Strategy and Structure recommendations

Phase 3: Primary Identity Development

The Primary Identity is the face of your business. Developing this is the first critical phase in building the branding strategy and it should change to reflect the brand strategy, when this is updated.

Phase 4: Presence

A brand isn’t just a graphic on a screen – it’s the experience a customer has. It’s essential to present a holistic brand experience, which is consistent and encompasses environmental, virtual and signage design. We leverage your brand further, as it becomes an encompassing experience.

Phase 5: Integration

The Brand Integration phase requires first the development of brand values into brand behaviours, and then measurement and evaluation of the current competency and engagement of staff with regards to the brand.

Phase 6: Communication Strategy

Communication is the voice without which all of the preceding phases would not be heard. We discuss our communication services above in ‘growth hacking’.