Hate sitting in traffic jams caused by roadworks? I Dare you To Solve it, with your digital innovation!

CC David Holt Flickr

Dare to Solve: Roadworks – £10,000 contest seeks innovative proposals to help reduce the inconvenience of roadworks.

Staffordshire County Council, Amey, Elgin and Tenshi have opened a £10,000 contest to find innovative digital solutions to reduce the public pain and frustration that go hand in hand with roadworks. The contest seeks solutions to help local authorities, utility companies and their contractors communicate with the public, and help people understand and prepare for planned and emergency works. Run as part of the Staffordshire Heineken Programme, the Dare to Solve: Roadworks contest offers startups and entrepreneurs £10,000 funding to develop and trial their proposal to in Staffordshire with challenge partners Staffordshire County Council, Amey and Elgin. Have an idea to propose or know someone that might? Join them for the briefing event on Thursday 29 June in London and apply here by the 12 noon 15 July, 2016 deadline. Questions? Get in touch by emailing contests@datakiln.org.

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