Tenshi welcomes Integrella as a new client

Tenshi is delighted to announce that Integrella has come onboard as a new client. Both organisations are passionate about driving innovation – Integrella from a digital integration point of view, and Tenshi from an open-innovation ecosystem perspective. We’re excited to work together and build innovation opportunities for our clients and networks.

Victoria Milne, CEO of Tenshi had this to say about this new opportunity: ‘We’re excited to start working with Integrella at the intersection of digital transformation and innovationThis partnership is about making sure that all the new technologies and innovations that we’re working with are able to connect and engage with legacy systems. At Tenshi, we’re passionate about de-risking innovation and unlocking an organisations’ full potential through the use of Design Thinking and Innovation Process Management. We think we can build a great synergy with Integrella, as their focus is on innovation through technology.

About Integrella

Integrella has worked on countless large-scale digital transformation initiatives since 2007. They have frequently found that the hardest part of “going digital” for their clients is accessing all the data and processes trapped in their core systems of record. This is particularly the case for enterprise clients or complex organisations like NHS Trusts who may have hundreds of IT systems across multiple regions, service lines and business units, many of which have grown through acquisition. This is not the cool part of digital transformation everyone wants to talk about, rather it’s the essential and complicated piece which needs to happen under the bonnet to make true digital transformation happen.

They have a unique lens on this problem due to their rich background in enterprise integration coupled with extensive knowledge of delivering cloud and digital experience platforms. In addition they have worked with most of the leading API and enterprise integration vendors, as well as the main cloud providers and open source offerings in the market.

Integrella has had high profile clients across sectors, with a strong focus on Financial Services and Healthcare, having worked with numerous banks, fintechs and NHS Trusts.

Find out more about Integrella at www.integrella.com. Check out integrella’s YouTube channel for insightful content around different digital avenues.