Stimulating innovation culture

Having a strong culture of innovation within your organisation can spark new projects, improve efficiency and give you advantage over competitors.

How we stimulate innovation

Innovation events

Our innovation events will enable your employees to recognise and articulate your key internal challenges to give you a commercial and strategic advantage. We will curate custom events to best suit your organisation bringing in external speakers and making the most of internal resources. Our events include a mixture of talks, immersive participation, active learning, panels, keynotes, lightening talks and exhibitions to drive behaviour change and add value. We can help you find an inspirational external speaker to introduce new concepts and help creative thinking and follow this up with active learning which will bring together staff members from across departments to share knowledge, spark new ideas and drive results.

Building an innovation community

Collaboration is the key to successful innovation and building innovation communities is what we do best. We will work with you to identify the innovation captains within the organisation and bring in external organisations which can complement and enhance your projects. By bringing together this range of different expertise you can create key concept statements which can be used as a catalyst to create new products, services and efficiencies.

Innovation process management

We can provide innovation training for your staff which will allow them to form insight and recognise the judging criteria when evaluating future innovation. This will allow your company to innovate from the bottom up with all staff members engaging in the innovation process and providing insight. This will allow you to identify the benefits of new innovation earlier be instrumental in creating the trends and growth within your sector and beyond.

Brightidea Innovation Process Management

Brightidea is an online platform that acts as a central hub to connect and manage all innovation activities. It allows teams to crowdsource and collaborate on ideas, evaluate their viability, track development progress, and measure results at every stage of the journey. Brightidea transforms the way you innovate, no matter what kind of initiative you’re running. Learn more…

See stimulating innovation culture in action

Learn about how we helped stimulate an innovation culture for a major multinational credit card supplier.