Rope ladders, pirates and people falling overboard. Dangers that you wouldn’t associate with this day and age as we sit on the precipice of a digital revolution. But the maritime industry is still old and slow to adopt technology which could make the industry safer. Tenshi have been working with Lloyd’s Register to speed up this adoption process.

Lloyds Register started out as a marine classification society in 1760. It grew out of Edward Lloyds’ coffee house which catered to sailors from around the world with information about shipbroking, foreign trade and reliable shipping news. Today Lloyds Register operates as one of the leading providers of engineering and technology professional services.

Working together we have been setting up a Safety Accelerator. You may be asking yourself what an accelerator is, and even if you know what an accelerator is you may be asking how it differs to an incubator for example.

Put simply accelerators focus on accelerating growth and scaling a business, whilst incubators incubate disruptive ideas with the hope of building out a business model. In the case of the Lloyds Register Safety Accelerator the aim is to accelerate growth and innovation within safety & risk.

The Lloyds Register Safety Accelerator is split up between each quarter. It starts by identifying the industry’s most pressing safety & risk challenges, whilst looking for clients to act as challenge partners to run pilot trials in the accelerator. We then tap into the startup network of our partners Plug & Play. The sourcing takes as wide a scope as possible, gathering thousands of startups from across the globe and filtering these down to 20 then to around 3 for an innovation day (3 per challenge). Every quarter there will be calls for applications from startups to help solve safety challenges in conjunction with industry corporates. After a Dragon-Den style demo day the most innovative solutions are selected to partner with the challenge partners to trial their ideas over a three-month period. Currently the first round of challenges are themed around Human Safety in onboard environments.

We are hoping to create longevity by creating a SafetyTech community. By creating the community we hope to accelerate growth in the safety space, in the same way ‘FinTech’ accelerated growth in the financial space. By creating a community it cements Safety as an innovation space.

We are really excited to see how this plays out and really happy to be doing work around how to protect human lives!

Follow the progress to the Safety Accelerator here.

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